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How To Place Your Order

1. We have 7 different menus, each with their own affordable sets and ala-carte food items for your selection. Click on it to scroll through to find out more.

*Please take note that due to location and delivery limitations, we are currently only able to accept and process orders from respective individual menu.

2. Select the food item that you would like to order.


3. Please make sure you have selected all the available choices.

4. Click on 'Add To My Order' to proceed


5. Review your order to ensure that everything is correct.

6. Please allow 2-3 hours for delivery to reach you. If you would like to request delivery for a different date and time, click to select.


7. Please enter the correct date and time for your requested delivery.


8. Please key in your full address, starting with Block / House Number. If your address does no show up, you can input the closest address and proceed to the step 10.

9. Please indicate clearly your Block / House Number and Unit Number.

10. If you are unable to input your address, you can indicate the correct delivery address within 'Delivery Instructions'.


11. Currently, we only accept credit card payments on our website. Please be patient as we are adding in more options in the future.

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Boss Happy Delivery

FREE Delivery with $60 order

$5 Delivery Fee with $45 order

$8 Delivery Fee with min. $30 order

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